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Maureen Odera’s love for baking was kindled in the halls of Highland Bakers School. Starting her
journey in a modest thatched house, her aspirations reached new heights, leading her to further
her skills at Utalii College. Maureen’s entrepreneurial spirit found its first home at Kibuye Market,
where she, along with two dedicated individuals, breathed life into her baking dreams, shaping the
foundations of what would become Modesh Bakers.

However, the challenges of 2020, marked by the global pandemic, hit her business hard. An unexpected demolition added to her woes, forcing her to sell her baked goods door-to-door to nearby clients. But Maureen’s resilient spirit and unyielding passion led her to KIRDI’s incubation, offering her a chance to rebuild and rejuvenate her cherished venture. The adversities became steppingstones, reshaping her business approach and reinforcing her resolve.

The valuable lessons from the MSME program played a pivotal role in Modesh Bakers’ resurgence. Maureen mastered the intricacies of the Business Model Canvas and honed her record-keeping skills, elements crucial for the thriving trajectory of her business. Maureen Odera’s journey is a testament to resilience and passion, a story of rising, reinventing, and reaching new peaks in the baking world, illuminating the path for aspiring entrepreneurs.